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So we have already shared with you the basics to get started on creating a website and finding a webhost and domain, and starting out on writing basic simple articles and adding videos that you find interesting to your site, and the use of social media and using blogs to get traffic and interest in your site,   if you want to go that route, now there are many different tools you can use to get traffic to your site. Today we will talk about the use of Banner Exchange Services and creating banners and eye catching ads for your website for today's lesson. 

Banner Exchange Services
banner and Link Exchanges
Now we will go a little farther and the use of simple services called Banner Exchanges (banner exchanges are mainly for new people in this industry) there are many different free banner exchange services, where you add html code to your site, that allows banners to be displayed (and where you can create your banners (for promoting your site, on other sites that are also a member of the banner exchange service that you are involved in. there are many different banner exchanges services that allow free membership, Google Free Banner Exchanges. Free Link Exchanges

Creating Banners for banner exchanges
If your not a graphic designer or really into the arts, of creating eye catching banners and ads for your site, there are multiple websites that allow you to make simple banners associated with gif, or jpg files, google: Free, Create a Banner