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The Lions and Devils Empire

Global Giving Charity & Fundraising Aid & International Relief Worldwide 

Make a Contribution to our Charity & Making a Difference Campaign provides International Recognition & International Relief in making a difference around the world.

we provide hope worldwide and providing education & information Related to many Areas of interest.

We are Apart of the global charity & Anti Poverty Campaign around the world. Providing Education and Health information.

Educate Girls & Fight Poverty in 3rd world countries such as Africa

Bringing Awareness to Arthritis  & Victims of Abuse.

Resources for Chronic Diseases & Survivors of Neglect & Cruelty

Providing Mental Health Training & Those with Medical Needs.

Providing Education & Information for Those with Disabilities & Conditions such as Autism & Aspergers.

Computer Training & Bee Support, Bringing awareness to colorectal Cancer

7 & 8 Ball & Devil & Bee International Relief & Aid & Fundraising Globally

 Join our Global Giving Fundraising & Charity Campaign