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The Lions and Devils Empire

Welcome to Free MMO Game: Conquer Online & Jaydog Archer The Story of the Warrior King

The Beginning of the Lion Kings Story & Life & Dreams, A 1980 Turtle Dove Bringing you a Fun Interactive Story

& Devil's Community on the Internet. The Kingdom War -Download Conquer Online

Part 1 of of the 1980 Turtle Dove Journey

Turtle Dove & 1980 & Story

An Archer Legend That Begin's the journey of A Legend Miner, Mining for Ores and Gems & Valuables & Money Bags to Make a Difference 

And an Invincible Warrior & Tiger, Starting the Kingdom War to Reach the Dream & Change the World

Mining & Money Bag & 300,000 Silver Mining & Wind Plain & Venus & Pickaxe
Iron Ores & Iron & Building Houses & Mansion Iron Mine Assistant & Assistant & Bow & Archer Dreams