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Through buildings of culture, science, and faith,

and across his many famous bridges, explore the neofuturistic structures

of Santiago Calatrava. This compact introduction explores the architect's unique fusion

of organic forms, deft engineering, and dramatic, aerodynamic impact.

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The one and only Community & Web Portal on the Internet.

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for those who have Depression & Anxiety, Bipolar

& ADHD and Mental Health.

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The Routledge Handbook of Hotel Chain Management
The Routledge Handbook of Hotel Chain Management. Understanding the global hotel business is not possible without paying specific attention to hotel chain management and dynamics. Chains are big business, approximately 80 percent of hotels currently being constructed around the world are chain affiliated and, in 2014, the five largest brands held over a one million rooms


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  •  It’s official, the Dropbox IPO filing is here. Going public is a huge milestone for Dropbox and has been one of the most anticipated tech IPOs for several years now. We knew that it had already filed confidentially, but the company has now unveiled its filing, meaning the actual IPO is likely very soon, probably late March. Read More
  •  If you’ve tried to deal with a bot before you can speak to a human customer service rep, you know how frustrating that process can sometimes be. Sure, there are basic tasks that can free up a human rep to handle the more difficult matters, but it can be exasperating when there is no easy way to talk to a person. Agent IQ, a startup that has developed customer service bots, acknowledges… Read More
  •  Max Rhodes was walking around that weird little parklet in Hayes Valley in San Francisco after taking a break from a five-year stint at Square to figure out what he wanted to do next — and he kept seeing Square registers everywhere. It made him think about the connections between the average product maker and those retailers. That’s what prompted him to start Indigo Fair. Read More
  •  Feature Labs, a startup with roots in research begun at MIT, officially launched today with a set of tools to help data scientists build machine learning algorithms more quickly. Co-founder and CEO Max Kanter says the company has developed a way to automate “feature engineering,” which is often a time consuming and manual process for data scientists. “Feature Labs helps… Read More
  •  Few problems are as much of a headache for the modern corporate worker as buying things on the company’s dime. Companies are loathe to hand out credit cards to everyone in the building, but they also want their employees to do your job without having to fill out six forms in triplicate to requisition a pencil. They also want to control spending and track who bought that $2,000 bottle… Read More
  •  Falcon.io, a startup out of Denmark that helps businesses manage their presence across social media and messaging platforms, has acquired a competitor in a wider trend of consolidation in the market for such services. It is buying Komfo from customer experience software developer Sitecore, which itself was majority acquired by EQT for $1.1 billion in 2016. Falcon.io is not disclosing the terms… Read More

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A City and Town And a Community for Those With Mental Health and Disabilities

 Cancer and The Homeless, The Disabled and Senior Citizens

Architecture of and Creation of Grocery Stores and Homeless Shelters, Hotels and Skyscrapers, Schools and Support: Mental Health and Autism Community and Change


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    , Stay Away from the TV and Stay away from un-educational stuff on the computer or get Heart Disease and Parkinson's Disease Be Prepared and don't become a Robot or end up with Heart Disease, Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis young. If you are watching tv alot or spending unproductive time on the computer, you need to beware that commercials and reality shows, can lead to diseases and health issues. The childhood obesity epidemic is a serious public health problem that increases morbidity, mortality, an

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    Overview of "Dead like Me" Tv Show, Watch the 1st Episode online. When you die or you experience an unexpected event in your life, it can screw up your mind, and life, we pretty much already shared this experience with you at our powerful tv or our featured music at the top of this site. but here's a tv show we suggest that you really can understand what it's like being in the deadzone or underground, If you are in the USA you can watch this movie directly at Netflix.com if your outside of

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