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Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, may be the most charismatic figure in the Democratic Party today and one of its best natural politicians whose name isn't Bill Clinton. He is the man Colin Powell has called for advice, and the man George Stephanopoulos once called the Red Adair of diplomacy in homage to his ability to put out international fires

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  •  Adobe announced a record quarter yesterday with $2.01 billion in revenue for Q42017. That represents a healthy 25 percent year over year increase for the company, but about half of that continues to come from Creative Cloud. Experience Cloud, which includes Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud in many ways represents promise for even greater revenue in… Read More
  •  Getting the myriad of devices involved in the industrial internet of things provisioned and communicating with one another in a secure way will be one of the great technological challenges facing companies in the coming years. Xage (prounounced Zage) emerged from stealth today with a blockchain-based security solution that could help simplify this. The company also announced that Duncan… Read More
  •  AI pioneer Andrew Ng is probably best known for his work on the Google Brain project and for leading Baidu’s AI group. After leaving Baidu earlier this year, it wasn’t quite clear what exactly Ng was up to, but today he announced the launch of, a new startup that focuses on bringing artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry. Read More
  •  Instana, a company that helps enterprises monitor and manage their microservice deployments with the help of automation and artificial intelligence, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series B round led by Accel, with participation from existing investor Target Partners. This brings Instana’s total funding to $26 million to date. Launched in 2015, Instana bills itself as… Read More
  •  Microsoft introduced the Azure Bot Framework more than two years ago and companies have been building chatbots for a variety of scenarios ever since. Today, the company made generally available the Microsoft Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Cognitive Language Understanding service (known as LUIS). Read More
  •  iZettle — the commerce platform based out of Stockholm that competes against companies like Square, Paypal and SumUp to provide card transactions using smartphones and tablets as well as related accounting services — has raised another €40 million ($47 million) as it approaches a $1 billion valuation. CEO and co-founder Jacob de Geer told TechCrunch the money will go towards… Read More

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  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Pearls, Politics, and Power

    p from the women of America . Informed by conversations with elected women leaders from all levels, former three-term Vermont Governor and Ambassador to Switzerland Madeleine M. Kunin asks: What difference do women make? What is the worst part of politics , and what is the best part? What inspired these women to run, and how did they prepare themselves for public life ? How did they raise money , protect their family's privacy . Deal withunderline;"> criticism and attack ads , and work with the go
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Year-Round Vegetable Production with Eliot Coleman DVD, The Natural Building Companion (Paperback + DVD), Pearls & Politics & Power

    liot,coleman,pioneers,organic,farming movement,author,organic,grower,harvest,handbook,hand,book,authors,work,technology,homespun,communal,natural building,movement,burgeoning,green,architecture,movement,science,detail,intensive,information,pearls,politics,power political,engagement,leadership,women,america,conversations,venrmont,governor,politics,run,public,life,family,privacy,criticism
  • VitalSource: Politics, Porn and Protest

    VitalSource: Politics, Porn and Protest Politics, Porn and Protest Out of a background of war , occupation and the legacies of Japan's post-defeat politics there emerged a dissentient group of avant-garde filmmakers who created a counter- cinema that addressed a newly constituted, politically conscious audience . While there was no formal manifesto for this movement and the various key filmmakers of
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Pearls & Politics & Power, How Women can Win & Lead

    Chelsea Green Publishing: Pearls & Politics & Power, How Women can Win & Lead Pearls, Politics, and Power Chelsea,Green,Publishing,Pearls,Politics,Power,Women,Win,Lead,action,political,engagement...
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Politics and Practice of Sustainable Living, Green Publishing and Life and Liberty and the pursuit of Food Rights and Business and Activist and Entrepreneur and Economy Pioneer and The Local Economy Solution

    Liberty and the pursuit of Food Rights and Business and Activist and Entrepreneur and Economy Pioneer and The Local Economy Solution Chelsea Green Publishing - the leading publisher of sustainable living books since 1985. Chelsea Green Publishing,politics,sustainable living,life,liberty,food rights,food,rights, business,economy,pioneer,activist,entrepreneur,economy,solutions,financing,enterprises,jobs,prosperity Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights Good Morning, Beautiful Business (Hardco
  • Clay Aiken On Why He's Quitting Entertainment for Politics

    Clay Aiken On Why He's Quitting Entertainment for Politics American Idol star Clay Aiken tells Larry about his push to unseat Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), and what Rosie O'Donnell said that motivated him to enter politics. Plus, his views on Obama's response to ISIS & which former Idols are helping his campaign.
  • VICE News: Porn Politics: VICE News Tonight on HBO

    VICE News: Porn Politics: VICE News Tonight on HBO election day, Californians will vote on a controversial ballot measure that could require the use of condoms in any porn film made in the state, levying stiff fines on those in violation of the law– and...
  • News and Politics

    news and politics news,politics,business,channel,melinda,gates,important,thing,warren,buffett,foundation,report,invest,poverty life,lessons,money,return,values,learn,gift,money,responsibility,wealth,return,life,saved,efficient,inspired,risk free risk,free,society,hardest,proble
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Leading Publisher Since 1985, DVD & Audio, Art & Literature, Building & Energy, Business & Economy, Farming & Garden, Health & Wellness, Politics & Community

    ainable living books since 1985. chelsea,green,publishing,leading,publisher,sustainable,living,books,1985,dvd,audio,art,literature,biography,memoirs,building,energy,business, economy,farm,garden,food,drink,health,wellness,kids,family,permaculture,politics,policy,science,nature,environment,spirituality,philosophy,transition,homesteading,community,resilience,travel
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Practice and Politics of Sustainable Living, DVDs and Audio, Business and Economy and Science and Nature and Environment

    Chelsea Green Publishing: Practice and Politics of Sustainable Living, DVDs and Audio, Business and Economy and Science and Nature and Environment Chelsea Green Publishing - the leading publisher of sustainable living books since 1985. Green...
  • Chelsea Green Publishing: Politics and Practice of Sustainable Living, Featured Videos on Organic Farming, Solar Energy and Mad Sheep, Videos, Literature and Economy Publishing

    ing Chelsea Green Publishing - the leading publisher of sustainable living books since 1985. organic farming,solar energy,mad sheep,green,star,books,videos,dvd,art,literature,business,economy, food and drink,health and wellness,science and nature,politics,travel,building and energy,publishing Featured Videos //'movieId=FA13DCF4-451F-4ADE-AC01-622B0F6C4365&userId=181995&merchantId=30889&sz=large' ,videoWidth : '820' ,videoWidthNoCue : '445' ,videoHeight : '425' ,affTrack : '' ,urlLink : '' }; // ]]
  • race,media and politics, solutions from underground, Revitalizing Indigeneity

    Carol Jenkins - The Public Square Is Empty As perhaps never before in our history , Americans are at war — with one another. Divided by race , class , gender , faith and rigid politics , our media has failed us. Instead of the Public Square of information, we increasingly retreat to our own de facto segregated sources of opinion . In this crucial election year of 2012, can we revive the Public Square, and, if not, what happens?
  • Porn Politics and Revolt in the West and Ellen and Taylor Swift

    Shop Naked Zebra for 10% off your first order! Cold and flu remedies up to 55% off. No code needed. Porn Politics |style="color: #ffff00;"> Revolt in the West | Ellen degeneres Gets Serious with Taylor Swift Women's - Top Deals For The Week Top All...
  • Green Party debates: Making a difference from the mainstream

    e,militarized predator,weapons,race,human,love,ignorance,capitalism,barbaric,platform,economics,community,based,primary,flip,flopping advertisement,fossil,fracking,candidates,hate,fear,democracy,voices,values,jobs,corporate,society,disabled,storm,politics platform,guidelines,public,finances,creed,care,finance,pacs,democracy,ignorant,issues,civil,war,bubble,leadership,ride democracy,free,speech,media,politics,industrial,farming,food,waste,industrial,local,animal,farming,water,land,inhumanely planet
  • Rep. Steve Cohen (D) Tennessee talks Marijuana, Trump & More | BitTorrent News

    juana,trump,democratic,national,convention,Bitt,Torrent,news,news,book,framework analysing,interplay,securitisation,foreign,affairs,critical,security,studies,traditional,IR,instate,relations,foreign,policymaking,actors threats,behavior,insecurity,politics,governments,international,danger,societies,security,production,international,relations,cancer,marijuana reform,marijuana,THC,urine,drug,tests,home,testing,kits,politics,style,elections,green,party,left,wing,political,party,random,house,solar revo
  • ReasonTV: Steve Forbes Explains Trump's Appeal

    labored to explain Trump's appeal as a phenomenon of wealth inequality. The billionaire's tough-talking protectionism and anti-élitist message resonates with a working class that, for decades, has felt excluded from national conversations about politics. None of which should have much appeal to Steve Forbes. The wealthy scion, with estimated net worth of of $430 million, is the editor-in-chief of a magazine that has promoted free trade for nearly a century, since his grandfather, B.C. Forbes fou
  • A Worldwide: Message to Rahn Emanual and the Media and the News ( stop accusing us "punks" for shootings and Violence The truth about Punk History- The History of Punk

    hn Emanual and and the media needs to research "Punk" punk on wikipedia . before making rediculas statements that doesn't make since at all . Definition: punks are frequently categorised as having left-wing or progressive views , punk politics cover the entire political spectrum. Punk-related ideologies are mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views . Common punk viewpoints include anti-authoritarianism , a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not sel
  • Richard Epstein: Obamacare's Collapse, the 2016 Election

    th Obamacare, global warming, foreign policy, cigarette company settlements richard,obamacare,obama,care,insurance,collapse,election,problems,global,warming,global warming,foreign,policy foreign policy,cigarette,company,settlements,situation,news,politics,culture,opinion,nyu,chicago,diabetes,libertarian,legal,theory medical,care,medical care,primary,care,emergency,room,private,property,Eminent,Domain,power,schemes,nick,discussion,exchanges,smokers dimes,legal,campaign,u.s,iraq,hillary,clinton,crim
  • NorthWestLibertyNews: Operation: End the BLM - The Origins of Corruption

    ustry,environment western america,news,oregon,future,west,scientific,facts,cattle,ranch,profession,horseback horse,back,satisfaction,colts,public,lands,data,realization,wildlife,environmental,land,song,birds presentation,power,nevada,constitution,politics,habitats,forest,agriculture,union,campaign,congress public,sector,range,lands,miners,west,agency,ranching,funding,resources,budgets,land,power,states legislation,range,public,domain,tax,payer,acres,agricultural,finance,home,ranch,introduction,her
  • FRANCE 24 English: The World According to Trump (part 1)

    media,intelligence,community,trump,whitehouse,inherited,mess,resignation,leaks,report,press,news dishonest,machine,media,pledges,john,mcaine,disarray,press,conference,core,supporters,crazy,transparent psycho,therapy,danger,crazy,nuts,tough,french,politics,style,offensive,political,elite,us,situation,establishment politics,clarification,republican,panicked,soccer,disturbing,julie,africa,internet,FBI,CIA,protest,united states united,states,criticized,democratic,empower,campaign,press,media,outlets,k

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