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  •  In 2009, Facebook was just getting popular with moms and grandmas. People were playing Farmville. Twitter was just becoming mainstream. And Foursquare launched on to the scene. Back then, Foursquare was just another social network, letting users check in to locations they visit and potentially receive badges for those check-ins. A lot has changed since 2009, but Foursquare still remains,… Read More
  •  Here’s a surprise: After 22 quarters of consecutive year-over-year revenue declines, IBM today reported that its revenue increased from Q4 2016 to Q4 2017. The company reported revenue of $22.5 billion for the last quarter, up from $21.77 billion a year ago. Read More
  •  Assembla, which offers a version control service for the enterprise with a strong focus on Subversion, today announced that it has acquired Cornerstone, one of the most popular Subversion clients for MacOS. Read More
  •  Okta and fellow cloud company ServiceNow got together to build an app that helps ServiceNow customers using their security operations tools find security issues related to identity and take action immediately. The company launched the Okta Identity Cloud for Security Operations app today. It’s available in the ServiceNow app store and has been designed for customers who are using both… Read More
  •  A few months ago Slack launched a beta feature called Shared Channels, which let two organizations share a common channel. So for example a startup could have a channel that it shared with its PR firm or lawyers. But sometimes discussions between two companies are too sensitive for the entire company to see, so today slack is rolling out Private Shared Channels. Also still in beta, the… Read More
  •  Last fall at Dreamforce, Google and Salesforce announced a partnership. Today, the two companies unveiled the first pieces of that agreement. For starters, Google Analytics 360 users can now import data from the Salesforce CRM tool such as leads and opportunities, among other pieces. This could allow marketers to have a more complete view of the customer journey from first contact to sale… Read More

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