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JusByJulie: 36 Booster Shots, Oregano Fruit Drink, Xtreme Greens Nutritional Drinks

36 Booster Shots

6 assorted booster shots. Contains the following (includes at least 3 of each flavor)Wheatgrass- Supremely dense in nutrients wheatgrass is great everyday superfood that your body will thank you for. We juice our fresh & locally grown wheatgrass daily for optimal freshness and nutritional value giving you more bang for your buck E3 Live- The perfect morning or afternoon pick me up






Oregano- Not just for your pizza! With its anti-fungal anti-viral anti-aging antibacterial anti-inflammatory anti-parasitic properties this shot is the anti you want to be a part of. This immune stimulating shot is a cure-all known to aid in many common gastrointestinal and respiratory issues.




Xtreme Greens

This citrus tasting green drink packs a big nutritional punch. The kale in this drink is loaded with calcium and the spinach provides a great amount of fiber. We kept things sweet with the lime pineapple and orange which all have anti inflammatory qualities and added some extra protein by adding in hemp seeds.








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