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  •  It hasn’t been a fun time to be Intel. Last week the company revealed two chip vulnerabilities that have come to be known as Spectre and Meltdown and have been rocking the entire chip industry ever since. This week the company issued some patches to rectify the problem. Today, word leaked that some companies were having a reboot issue after installing them. A bad week just got worse. Read More
  •  Intel had a bad week last week. It was so bad that the chip maker has to be thrilled to have CES, the massive consumer technology show going on this week in Las Vegas, as a way to change the subject and focus on the other work they are doing. Read More
  •  IBM has been a company adrift for the last several years with 22 straight quarters of declining revenue. Against that backdrop, The Register published an article yesterday suggesting there could be massive changes afoot for the company’s Global Technology Services group. Global Technology Services is the business consulting arm of IBM that deals with infrastructure support and… Read More
  •  Bugsnag, the cloud service that helps developers find bugs inside their software, announced a $9 million Series B today. They also released a new version of their dashboard that features a stability score than can give customers an unbiased grade of the current stability of their software. Let’s look at the funding first. Investors included first-timer GV (formerly Google Ventures)… Read More
  •  The market for social media and collaboration services for enterprises — made popular by the recent, rapid growth and emergence of platforms like Slack, Facebook’s Workplace and Microsoft Teams — continues its hot streak. Today, Igloo Software, a Canada-based startup that has built a Jive-like platform that integrates other software for employees to communicate with each… Read More
  •  Patents may sometimes get a bad rap for how they are abused (and misused) by some companies for commercial gain, but they also remain a marker of how a tech company is progressing with its R&D and pushing ahead on innovation. For one measure of that advance, today, IFI Claims, the patent analytics firm, published its 2017 list of companies with the most U.S. patents assigned for the year.… Read More

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178,000 Americans die from medical or hospital error every year, Estimated (25.7% of the America population, including the homeless now in poverty)
The concept of dying is nothing new, people get old, they get sick and eventually die off, however it's interesting to
read statistics online. Especially when you find out that nearly 56 million people die every year worldwide.
and alone in the United States, 178,000 people die from medical and hospital errors a year.

It's pretty interesting due to the fact that hospital errors and medical errors happen and hospitals and those
places that provide medical care isn't at fault for the 178,000 people that end up dying in the care of hospitals and medical providers every year.
checkout these statistics.  How many people die each year.   We really wonder if it's worth it, when it comes to health insurance, life insurance
or perhaps even healthcare in the United States when you look at these statistics, you got to wonder if it's worth it, to be working at a career or job
for many years (40+ years)  just to know that eventually you will end up being burned out (exhaustion) (from your work) and will eventually cause you to end up
having to get healthcare or medical care eventually.  

I don't know what others believe, but for sure we would rather enjoy life and really do something in our life, that we can remember as well as make a difference.
such as the problems with poverty, in the United States, 2010, 15.1 % of the population was in poverty, (See Poverty Stats) this alone doesn't include the homeless which would probably
be reported that nearly 25% of the United States population in 2010 experienced poverty if we included the homeless in this report, which is extremely interesting,
reporting that if we included the homeless, in 2010, nearly 60 million people in the United States would of experienced poverty. The Highest poverty Rate since 1993.  Which means that Bill Clinton
in 1993 was reponsible for lowering the poverty rate as he was the president during this time and currently based on 2012 we now see around 15.7% or around 25.7% if we included the Homeless
in this Report, (2012 poverty stats) which means the poverty rate is even worse now then in 1993.

Did you know is fighting the poverty problem online, worldwide. We have been distributing Microfinancing Loans all over the world, including the United States to
help exterminate poverty since 2010. 17 countries benefiting, and it's not over yet, we urge to to join us in stopping poverty, we are an lender at, a non profit organization.

It's time to work together in combating this problem, and it starts with an easy step of just Signing up now.